Whether you are looking to store antique treasures, keep your vehicle safe while traveling, or stash extra belongings after moving, there are so many reasons to rent or buy a self-storage unit. Many people like the idea of self-storage units, but if this is your first time signing on the dotted line, figuring out where to start may feel daunting. How do you know what features are most important to you, where your belongings will be safest, or even what size unit you need? 

Here at NBC Storage Park and The Hideout: Elite Motor Storage, we care about these details as much as you do. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five things you should look for before renting or buying a self-storage unit.


One of the most important things to look for is the availability a facility offers so you can access your belongings whenever you need to. Don’t allow a facility to dictate for you when and how often you can visit your storage unit—this is why we offer 24-hour access (including weekends) and electronic gate access. Get to your things when you need them most!


Although most storage companies will agree (and state upfront) that they are not responsible for the contents of your storage unit, there are things they can offer to make sure that the unit you move your belongings into—and the facility as a whole—is safe and secure. Look for features like fences, video monitoring, and security lights.

At Elite Motor Storage, security is a priority to us. That’s why our facility is fenced and lighted; we give our tenants electronic gate access; there are video cameras onsite around the premises; and a manager lives on the property. We want to do everything we can to protect your things and give you peace of mind.


There are a couple of factors you should consider when looking for a self-storage facility. For example, if you think you might need or want to access your things regularly, a location close to your home will be more convenient. Keep in mind, facilities closer to cities or high population areas may cost more. 

If you are in the Naples, Marco Island, or Everglades areas, consider NBC Storage Park. Our facility is located four miles east of the intersection at U.S. Route 41 and Collier Boulevard. 


The first thing to assess is what size unit you need. Many storage companies offer various sizes depending on what you’re looking to store: business files, furniture, boats, and vehicles. 

Here at Elite Motor Storage, our self-storage units are designed to store vehicles: RVs, cars, boats, and the like. Units in our large condo storage buildings are 25’ by 55’, 20’ by 50’, or 25’ by 50’. Mini-storage units are for small cars and boats and measure 15’ by 30’.

Other things that will factor into the price of a storage unit include how long you plan to store your stuff, location, whether the unit is indoor or outdoor, and additional amenities like climate control. Consider these things before signing any lease or contract, and make sure to ask the company if they offer any specials or discounts. The worst they can say is no!

Other Amenities

Additional amenities aren’t always required, but they really can set one company apart from another. Depending on the things you want to store safely, maybe you want to find a climate-controlled unit. Fire sprinklers and carbon monoxide detectors also add another layer of protection. If you want the ability to drive up to your unit, check the measurements of the driveway (if there is one). Buying or leasing a larger storage unit? Some facilities, like Elite Motor Storage, may offer bathrooms and the option for loft areas. 

Many of these amenities lean toward personal preference but can make or break whether a customer decides to move into a certain company’s storage units or not.

Our team at Elite Motor Storage cares about the safety and security of your personal belongings and offering a space for like-minded people to find community. For more information on who we are and what self-storage options we offer, contact us here!